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ALG offers legal services in many common areas of law including intellectual property (IP: Patent, Copyright, Trademark), contracts, business law, and others. ALG provides legal services through principal attorneys and a network of collaborating attorneys and consultants.

Please see our Practice Areas for a more detailed list and description of our legal services.

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The Three Pillars of Our Business


About the Arjomand Law Group

ALG is a law firm in Issaquah, Washington, helping clients with diverse legal advice and representation in various legal areas (please see Practice Areas).

ALG is easy to do business with and provides personalized legal services in a friendly environment. ALG is particularly tuned to legal challenges that clients from diverse cultures may encounter in business and family situations. Please browse our website to get more familiar with our services and attorneys.

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  • Chris
    "Farjam concisely educates his clients and adroitly incorporates difficult concepts as if they are his own.  Simply stated, I was astounded in how he managed, edited, and polished over forty pages of technical documentation and schematics into a presentation of pure clarity, on my behalf."

    Farjam never put the bottom line of his practice before my success.  "He was sensitive to my financial circumstances throughout the application process and provided labor estimates in advance of each task along the way"
    Seattle, WA
  • Jeff
    "I have to admit that I was completely shocked to hear that the ruling was overturned [on a favorable appeal decision]"
    Indio, CA
  • Oudi
    "Overall I think you did (again) a fantastic job in describing the invention. I love it that you can take a demo and convert it into this".

    "Done reading, as I said over the phone, I'm VERY impressed. You are amazing!"
    Los Altos, CA