About Us

About the Arjomand Law Group

ALG offers legal services in many common areas of law including intellecual property (IP: Patent, Copyright, Trademark), contracts, business law, Will & Estates, and others. ALG provides legal services through principal attorneys and a network of collaborating attorneys and consultants.

Arjomand Law Group's (ALG) mission is to provide excellent quality legal services in common areas of law to individual and corporate clients in an efficient, cost-effective, and friendly manner.

Who We Are

ALG provides excellent legal services to our clients through principal and collaborating attorneys, and technical consultants. ALG's flexible organizational structure enables us to serve our clients according to the clients' needs while maintaining minimal staff and administrative overhead.

ALG has a network of collaborating attorneys and technical consultants who can assist in a client case, as needed, under the supervision of the ALG's principal attorneys.