IP Portfolio Management


Legally protected intellectual assets, including intellectual property, are essential for business success and in order to achieve their growth plans, businesses should have a strong IP portfolio. Many companies build up their portfolio by applying for more patents. In addition, they license and cross-license their innovative technologies. In general, companies with a strong IP portfolio are in a better position to negotiate. To maximize the value of their intellectual assets, companies must understand how to support enterprise business strategy, protect current or future product positions, provide competitive advantage, and add value through creative, nontraditional applications. Therefore, a company's intellectual asset management strategy must be formulated with an understanding of the topography of the IP world, either by geography or type of industry.

Our resources, coupled with the depth and breadth of our experience in intellectual property across many fields of technology and business, allow us to form integrated teams that handle strategic management projects and related prosecution, enforcement, and transactional work. We help our clients in:

- Creating new value by formulating strategies to develop products that have strong IP protection and avoid infringement

- Maximizing IP value by aligning our clients? IP portfolios with their business objectives and strategically coordinating prosecution and litigation

- Assessing the value and risks associated with IP in various due-diligence contexts including litigation, licensing, acquisitions, and financings

- Realizing value through enforcement and a variety of business transactions, including portfolio licensing, acquisitions, spin-offs, donations, and collaborative arrangements